Fitness or Life: Progress takes a Warrior Mentality.



​Cloudy rainy day here in Texas. And the excuse definitely crossed my mind,”Eh its shitty out, stay in and do projects and workout tomorrow.”

Soon as I heard that little voice, my louder voice said “nah fuck that, go crush some shit. Your opposition is making ground today, don’t give em’ an inch.”

When you hear the bell go off thats telling you something sucks or sounds unpleasant, that is the go ahead that that is exactly the task you need to dive into.

Train yourself not to shy away from pain, but to embrace it as opportunity to push your limits.

My personal training and life philosophy goes as such: ” In every level of life, sprint toward chaos and embrace pain, for it is the quickest path of least resistance to exponential growth.”

Go out and do something that sucks. Especially if you don’t feel like it. When you are done you will have a deep feeling of pride and satisfaction that will propel you into an avalanche of productivity! —

Growth is on the other side of pain!

Today’s workout went like this:

10-15 min warm up.

Deadlifts, starting at 135lbs and going up a minimum of 20lbs per set. (If form maintains.)

2 sets at 10 reps

2 sets at 8 reps

2 sets at 6 reps

2 sets at 4 reps. (Last set shown in video, I made it to 285 lbs for that last set but only got 3 reps cause my grip failed. Damn it.)

Then 3 x 10 @ 145 lbs with the bands.

Had some time restrictions and had to leave early so finished up with 3 x 10 each side of the banded wood choppers with the hip extension, heel drive.

Thanks to @beauanderson8 for the awesome video angles on the first video. Get my ugly mug outta there anyways.

Thanks to @hanlonmichael for bein’ a true gym brother and getting me some pre-workout today since I ran out!

Go get it!

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“Anti-Gun, Pro-Gun” either way, you missed the point.

people responsible for own actions

I am seeing a lot “anti-gun” or “pro-gun” posts in the wake of this most recent tragedy. As if any of you are experts anyways.

For a moment, I’ll look past the people’s ego, battling out petty “whose who’s” instead of uniting to mourn fallen fellow Americans. People’s sons and daughters.
or commending the coach and rotc student who in this order A. sacrificed himself, and B. did all he could to make sure his fellow classmates got home.

Anyway here’s my point, beyond the ego of the anti or pro gun debates, any argument for “anti” or “pro” that is followed by anything to do with “people”, the argument instantly becomes moot,

because unless I am mistaken, without human interaction, a gun is just a INANIMATE collection of pieces of metal and plastic. Bullets just metals and grains. Without the human interaction it just sits there doing nothing. Then when a person picks it up, IT IS ABOUT THE PERSON’S CHOICE of what happens next. Something for survival or something cowardice and heinous.

But come on people, stop playing the blame game with inanimate objects.

Gun’s don’t kill people. Spoons don’t make people fat. a shovel doesn’t dig a hole on its own. drugs don’t make people do them. (i’m sorry, they don’t. Just sit in your living room all day and see if some drugs run up and do you)

and any conversation on the internet does little to nothing.
(to any smartasses, this isn’t a conversation, I am making a point and then I’ll get back to spreading positivity out in the world like i do, treating people with respect)

People are responsible for their actions and what they choose to use these inanimate tools for. Debating if they should or shouldn’t exist is just foolish. We need to start talking about how to take care of people and prevent tools from being misused.

Maybe instead of judging people over the internet, and enabling this world of superficial judgement, malice, hate, prejudice, etc,

Get out and treat people right. Lead by example. Be respectful. Be kind. Be caring. Be considerate. Be open to new interpretations. Be willing to listen. Let people be creative. Let people be themselves. You are not perfect, and do not have the ground to stand on to judge others.

Get past the inanimate objects and start worrying about yourselves and those around you. The world we LIVE in. Not watch and idealise over.

Care about your planet and fellow man.
Leave things better than you find them and spread positivity every damn day for no other reason than the world needs it.


Coach Aaron Feis: Thank you for your sacrifice. Died with honor.

ROTC Students: Thank you for your bravery and using your rights as Americans to train to be able to handle situations like this!

What is Holistic Wellness? As described by the founder of HDS Allegiance



What is Holistic Wellness?

As described by Harrison (Apollo) Seggebruch,

Founder and Owner of HDS Allegiance,

Elite Trainer at KACommitted.


What is Holistic Wellness?

Let’s start by breaking the concept down and then building it back up.

The dictionary definition of holistic is “characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”

The dictionary definition of wellness is “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.”

And finally,

The dictionary definition for Holistic Wellness is “Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness. … In this way, if people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall health”


Alrighty, now we have the building blocks to build and understand “The HDS ALLEGIANCE definition” of Holistic Wellness:

Holistic Wellness is the active pursuit of good health and life success through multi-dimensional wellness training. It is the understanding that there are multiple levels of wellness both internal and external and must be broken down into steps that are not independently separate but synergistically symbiotic.

What this means is that if you truly want to change your health or quality of life then you have to start recognizing that there are more factors than just the obvious external physical factors such as diet and exercise. That by actively identifying and training the multiple external factors in unison with the multiple internal factors we can then truly achieve total wellness! Done with consistency this will generate success and happiness.

Holistic Wellness has many different levels but HDS ALLEGIANCE and KACommitted choose to focus on 6 areas that they feel if properly trained combine to yield the greatest outcomes without overwhelming the self and consequentially getting nothing done.

The 6 chosen areas of wellness are the ones we can actively work on every day that though consistent training will guarantee a healthy body and mind, but also a joyful, successful, and free life!

(Almost as if those components were related. 😉


How does this work?

Instead of being separate pieces to worry about individually, we need to start to see the dimensions of our lives as steps to one another, related and connected by the sequential work we put in.

Once we identify the separate steps instead of seeing just a clustered whole, we can start to adequately train one piece at a time.  Achieving an elite level at one stage, allowing more elite training at the next stage, and so on and so on, until all the systems are producing maximized efforts, transforming the sum of the whole into an entirely new glorious creation!


The 6 areas of wellness or “Success Steps” HDS Allegiance chooses to identify and train are as follows.

(Listed in a specific order, designating which levels of wellness must be trained first in order to create the foundation for elite training in the next level, generating a higher potential return than if you were to try to train each of the areas separately as unrelated.)

  1. Physical Wellness
  2. Occupational Wellness
  3. Intellectual Wellness
  4. Environmental Wellness
  5. Spiritual Wellness
  6. Healthy Relationships: Self & Social

Putting effort in one area, say physical wellness, as an investment step, for say, occupational, will long term yield better results in Life and Self than simply working on Occupation full time could ever yield.

For example, whether you work construction or in an office, having proper physical wellness, which would mean proper posture and core usage, can help keep you vibrant and vital longer throughout the day.  This can mean more focus and more energy for longer periods of the day, keeping you in a positive, more productive mindset throughout the day, allowing you to get more done at a better quality.

And that is simply just correcting posture and breathing! Imagine if you truly focused on a functional training program that allowed you to physically make your job easier. Mentally making work more bearable, leaving you with a better attitude for relationships and more energy to use later time to participate in experiences you truly want or need to be doing. Experiences such as expanding your intellectual wellness, taking care of your environmental wellness, and enjoying life and doing whatever it is you like to do (spiritual wellness).


By first analyzing and diagnosing current weaknesses and imbalances in each area, we can slowly but surely design the most effectively efficient plan to get your life in alignment and then from that solid foundation, truly begin to pursue extraordinary yet now vivid levels of potential in both self and life and their symbiotic relationship for success, only previously perceived possible in fantasy.



Embrace weakness

Friday is a perfect grind day. Don’t let off the throttle. Finish strong!

Work on some weaknesses this weekend!

Heres how the workout went:

Barbell Complex:

3 Sets. 1 set = 10 deadlifts, 5 barbell rows, 1 clean, 5 shoulder press.

Then, 3 x 10 Deadlift, alternating grip each rep. Increasing a minimum of 30 pounds per set.

Superset the deadlift sets with overhead lunges with a plate, 5 each leg.

3 x 10 hanging side raises (10 each side, each set)

3 x 12 leg press, slow and control, 4 seconds down, 1 second pause, 4 seconds up tempo. —

2 x 10 hanging leg raises —

Burnout Circuit: 2 Rounds

Superset, 5 dumbbell reverse lunges, 10 dumbbell deadlifts with shoulder pinch at the top.

Cardio Finisher:

8 minutes on the punching bag. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Combo, move, combo, move. Working on breathing and body control under fatigue.

“Maybe no one cares. Party over here. I’ll be over there.” – @aesoprockwins (Aesop Rock) 

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How bad do you want to succeed?

One grind to the next. Nobody owes you anything. And life doesn’t care if you succeed or not.

You have to want it! You have to grind at it everyday! We all have the same 24 hours, it is how we use it that matters.

We all deal with bullshit and problems. It is how we respond to it that matters. Aka your attitude sucka! 😉

Straight from morning tasks to workout to meals and more projects! Because I want to succeed and I am not scared to do what the failures won’t do.

The pain of working out and pushing physical limits, I love. The patient grind of sitting and writing out projects and reading and developing, not as much my bailiwick.

Patience is a damn virtue aint it?

Whatever you aren’t great at, but need to be great at, go do regularly. No comfort zones leads to endless growth!

— Get out and get some shit done! #humpday #hdsallegiance #toughlove #schoolofhardknocks #patienceisavirtue #nocomfortzones #personaltrainer #lifecoach #mealprep #entrepreneur #meditation #positivity #postworkout #grind #stoic #altruism

Trials are opportunity.

We find what we are truly capable of in our toughest times. Don’t run from these trials but embrace their challenge with grit and courage. On the other side of the battle lies a great victory, that will be valuable through the remainder of your days.

That great victory, that reward earned, is the journey and the experience it brings. 

In todays world, it is easy to void pain and difficulty with distraction and convenience. But we must choose to endure the battles of our trials and tragedies as they are the lessons holding the knowledge to one day set us free.

Embrace your problems and come up with new solutions that only your mind could concoct. Learn from this. Let it expose your uniqueness. 

Be bold. Be brave. Face your fears and unlock the deepest truths!

Book: Ash Maurya – Running Lean


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Divided but not dead yet. Unity can save us all.

It is crazy times we live in. And instead of speaking on issues I have little to no stake in.  

I am gonna say this and ya’ll can take it as you will.

There are good people and there are bad people. You are either a good person who helps the world and helps others in any form or fashion, or you are a POS and you suck.

That should be the only line drawn in the sand when it comes to humanity.

We are all one inconsequential species on a relatively insignificant blue ball in an endlessly expanding vacuum of space and perceived time. (Time is a measure of distance, despite popular belief, it is technically relevant to location. Especially when referring to location inside the solar system or out)

Color, race, creed. Distractions. But that does not mean that prejudice and racism dont exist. 


It means that those things are not reasons to judge another person. When I hear people saying bigoted judgmental shit. I either blatantly say or quietly think to myself, “It must be nice to be so fuckin’ perfect that you can judge another man.”


“You cast planks into others eyes but forget the plank in your own.”

Treat good people good and treat bad people good. Cause end of the day, it says more about you than them.

Heres my challenge: go out and have a conversation with a person of different skin color or different ethnicity or religious belief and try to gain a sense of compassion through obtaining a better understanding of a situation you had only previously judged from the outside in.

It is easy to judge from the outside, but bring it inside your walls and put your feelings on it and then see how you feel. It is called empathy.

Lastly, like I have said here, people are what they are, good people or they suck, so remember this also, if someone is trying to change your perception of a people for the negative (aka the mainstream news) then have some rational thought and consciousness like humans were endowed with and realize this simple fact:

“Bad people tell you what to think, Good people give you facts and let you think.

Things will get worse before they get better but keep your heads up and stay strong. Peace can be on the horizon but it is earned after the inevitable storm thats been created. We as a people, no, a species, need to better unite and start taking care of the place we live and our fellow man. Or we are all fucked. Not just certain populations or creeds. The way we live is unsustainable by this planet.

“Hungers your enemy, and you can’t kill that.” . “Greed is color blind, they gon’ fuck with yours soon as they done with mine.” – Lupe Fiasco

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A toy truck and a dead fish: The Present

Needed to break away from things after a long week and took a walk by the lake. The water always calms me.—

This was an interesting walk. Winds were calm and it hasn’t rained here in North Texas too much so the water level is a little lower than normal.

Was able to take a deep breath and found some cool sights from the universe.

Little toy truck doing some off-roading and a fishy who had seen better days.

All in all, I got the disconnect from work and life that I needed and I feel refreshed.

I want to offer some sort of “life’s cycles, the dead fish, winter… Recycled, reborn. Be a Phoenix” But the truth is, end of the day we just have to live in the moment. Trends, routines, cycles, traditions are beautiful things mentally for comfort, convenience, and perceived safety. But nothing will ever matter more than being able to adapt to what is happening around you… While it is happening.

So rest when you need rest, breath when you need to breath, but the rest of the time when what you need is up in the air and left to your choices.. Make the choice to get better and work harder and thusly, EARN that rest and earn that breath!

Have a safe and fun weekend team! But most of all, get up and earn that play!

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Why do you train?

Have you been unsuccessful in maintaining a training program? Chances are it has less to do with the program and more to do with the reasons you chose to do it!


What do you train for? To look good? To look less worse? For size? For strength? Because thats what he or she does?

The fitness industry has become about cosmetic, temporary satisfactions like every other industry has. 

But the point of your own fitness journey should always be about your HEALTH and subsequently your Quality of Life.

Train so that you can play with your kids! Train to give them a good example! Train to be healthy enough to work harder to provide more for your loved ones!

Pick a healthy reason to train, because it’ll make your life better! Not just to impress him or her or to fit in. When you have a Powerful WHY to chase your goals, you will achieve them. But if your goals are fueled by superficial means, you will burn out. The deeper you truly connect with a goal, the greater your resilience becomes.

Lastly, I get the “i dont have time” or “i just do this and this and its not bad so I am fine for now.”

No… Again, it is your health, not just a look. Being healthier allows you to do more at a higher quality both mentally and physically. —

You only get one rodeo here on earth, and being healthy allows you to make the most out of it! — If you want to train for looks or strength or whatever cosmetic reason because that is your goal or passion, great, go ahead. But for those of you looking to make a real long term change, it starts by focusing on your HEALTH, and letting the looks and ego results come naturally as added bonuses, which i assure you, they will! (This route is also less likely to result in injury or permanent damage to your body.)

So pick a healthy reason to train, find someone who can make you a program specifically for your needs!!!, and let the rest come on its own!

* everybody has an ego. It is a fundamental part of all of our psychologies. Don’t take it personal sally.

Pc: @portraitplace_onarga —

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What is HDS ALLEGIANCE about?

#tbt a fun photoshoot a few weeks back.—

Working on some branding ideas for 2018 and I thought it’d be good to sort of explain what I am doing here…

It is my mission and passion to be constantly growing. The whole point of The Allegiance is for me to be able to take the skills and knowledge I earn and learn through experience and pain and give them to ya’ll as a trainer, educator, and coach!

Every time I conquer a personal level, I then adapt it into my arsenal of methods that I use to train / coach my clients! Or, if I feel that what I have learned is valuable, but I am not yet an adequate teacher, I will seek a specialist to help mine or my client’s needs.

I am determined to challenge my limits like never before in 2018. 

2017 was a record year for accomplishments and hardships.

I lost my youngest sister, and amongst that and life’s other inevitable hardships, I made the choice to grow and press on and continue to build the foundations to all my future dreams. As a affirming sign of my resilience and hard work, I was able to spend 16 days back in my small town where I could spend it with friends and family during this tough first year without my sister. (16 days is a big deal from someone who worked construction for 50-80 hour weeks over summers and then a few 100 hour weeks in NoDak, in jobs where theres no days off)

Life happens. Sometimes it really sucks but it will always be how we respond to the circumstances that matter. Stay positive and work hard and things will be positive. Maybe not all at once, but certainly over time! “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

2017 was a wild ride but I am ready for a wilder 2018! Big things planned for the Allegiance! Thank you to all the current supporters! I appreciate every like, comment, and share!

I wish you all the best! Have a great 2018, go chase your dreams! See ya at the top!

“Much success to ya, even if you wish me the opposite. Sooner or later we’ll all see who the prophet is.” – @nas 

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